WOTD Reviews Quacky Slasher

Last year we had the pleasure of introducing you to ‘Dead Town’; a YouTube mini series adapted from Peter McKeirnon’s “Death in a Northern Town”.

Quacky Slasher brings the same weird and wacky comical homage to slasher films which Peter brought to the zombie genre in Dead Town.

The humour is  ‘League of Gentlemen’-esk  with the acting comically overplayed in a style reminiscent of “The Young Ones” which is sure to give you a giggle.

Once again Neil Gallagher stands out, delivering a performance as no less than three characters…one of which left me all confused and if I’m honest a little turned on 🙂 

Personally I’d like a little more slashing and bad duck puns, but put together with a budget of just over £900 Quacky Slasher is an entertaining short which serves as an excellent teaser for what is to come.