Weekend of the Dead presents Antonè DiLeo

Hello!!… is there anyone there…Hellooooo”

Yes it’s Antonè DiLeo as Pvt. Miguel Salazar, one of Captain Rhodes’ strung out soldiers.

We are really pleased and very proud to announce Antonè DiLeo from Day of the Dead for his very first ever appearance in Europe.

In Day of the Dead Antonè’s character is the distraught boyfriend of our beloved Lori Cardille (Sarah). He is also the man who brings down the whole underground bunker when he decides not only is it over for him, it’s all over for everyone.

Antonè is really looking forward to meeting up with the fans of not only Day of the Dead but Knightriders as he played a character called Corkcook. Some of you may not know but he also played an uncredited role in the remake of Night of the Living Dead and in Monkey shines as a “vandal”

Lots to get signed by this great guest so I hope you join me in welcoming him to the UK.

The Darkest Day of horror really is here!!!

I said yesterday that this would brighten up your DAY!!….