Sunday Schedule

Please note these details are just a rough outline and will be subject to change. Please check back here on a regular basis to see if any changes have been made.

9.30am Platinum and Gold tickets holders early entrance.

10am general admission.

10.15am guest introduction (fans to be in venue to welcome stars).

10.45am John Amplas Martin panel. (hosted by Tony Earnshaw)

11.15am Tom Savini, Sharon and Taso to join John Amplas on the stage for Dawn of the Dead panel finishing 11.55am. (hosted by Tony Earnshaw)

Noon-12.20 professional photoshoot with NOTLD guests.

12.30-1pm Lynn Lowry Crazies, Shivers. (hosted by Marcus Lewis)

1.10pm-1.40pm The Graham Humphreys experience. Dave Read chats to Graham about his art and how it’s inspired generations of fans and artists.

1.45pm-2pm professional photoshoot with Dawn of the Dead.

2.10pm-3.10pm Day of the Dead panel. (hosted by Marcus Lewis)

3.10pm-3.25pm professional photoshoot with Lynn Lowry.

3.30-4.30pm NOTLD panel. (hosted by Marcus Lewis)

4.30-4.45pm professional photoshoot with Day of the Dead. 

5pm any group photos and outstanding photos missed with prior agreement.

Guests/vendors start to pack up 5.30pm.

Show officially closes 6pm.