Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have purchased your tickets here you will receive an email to confirm your purchase.

You may download and print your tickets by clicking here

All users will be re-emailed tickets before the show

Vendor spaces are extremely limited at WoTD and are always sold out very early. However, if you wish to contact us, via our contact page, to discuss future events or to be put on a cancellation list, please feel free to do so.

This comes up often from folks who travel long distances and want a place to stay. One of our team has been allocated the task of searching the Manchester area for the best deals on hotels. Her name is Claire May and she can be found within our Facebook group “Weekend of the Dead”. If you have any questions relating to this subject then she’s the person to talk to. Alternatively, there are many hotels to be found within a close proximity of the venue covering all budget requirements.

Vendor space is very limited however this year we have at least 10 different stalls catering for many different tastes. Our own very popular WoTD stall will be returning along with some other favourites like Cultzilla and Neongore. Others have joined the family like Zompoc, the podcast that brings the Zombie apocalypse to you via comedy. We have something for the ladies with Dead Rebellion and of course the talented horror legend artist Graham Humphreys.

You can park at the venue. The car park is called the Great Northern car park and it will be free to park if you join the membership of the Casino. If you don’t fancy joining the membership then the charges are around £3.50 up to 1 hour, up to 2 hours £6.50, up to 3 hours £9.50, up to 4 hours £12.50, up to 6 hours £17.00 and up to 24hrs £20.50 (this is subject to change and should be checked prior to arrival).

Simple answer is no, however we released autograph and photo tickets early to help folks budget.You can pre purchase as many or as few tickets as you wish.

The Casino is fully licensed to sell alcohol so there’s always a place to buy a drink be it a soft drink or something stronger. We encourage people to have fun and enjoy themselves. We do, however ask that everyone be considerate of the other guests and attendees and anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave. Any form of substance abuse will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the premises. This may also result in a ban from any future events.
We will also not tolerate any fighting or abusive behaviour be it physical or verbal towards any other ticket holder, staff or guests.

We offer a professional photoshoot service at the show for £15 per photo per guest per person. You are free to take photos at the event and of the guests signing the items. However, selfies are not allowed unless a selfie ticket has been purchased. A selfie ticket has a charge of £10, payable on the day, or purchased from our online shop.   (reason for the selfie charge- We are a small independent show and we rely heavily on funding. The show is run by volunteers and all funds raised through the selfie ticket go straight into future events for you the fans)

Autograph prices differ from guest to guest, however, the prices for an autograph at Weekend of the Dead should be between £15-£25.  You can pay on the day, or to help you budget, pre order an autograph ticket in our online-shop. Guests are happy to sign any item you bring (such as posters or VHS tapes) or you can purchase unique items direct from the guest or our WOTD stall.

Well firstly, you have to have a ticket, as the event is not free to enter. You can chose either Saturday or Sunday or both if you wish. Secondly, as the venue is part of a Casino, it is strictly over 18s only. We strongly suggest you bringing ID, as it may be required to gain access to the venue.