Weekend of the Dead 2018 review.

Announcement: Gary Streiner

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Mike Mundy

The Walking Dead shuffles into Manchester with the surprise arrival of Mike Mundy featured Walker in Season 2 & 3

2018 Programme

Pre-order: This Year’s Limited Edition Programme featuring Greg Nicotero

“When there’s no more room in HELL the dead will walk the Earth”…Ken Foree is coming to WOTD!

“You’re all seeing this…is he Dead?” Patricia Tallman from Night of the Living Dead 1990 is the 13th guest to be announced for WOTD.

“They’re coming right for us” …yes William Butler aka Tom from Night of the Living Dead remake is joining WOTD!!

“Anybody got any Cigarettes!!!”

Gary Streiner gets his hooks into Weekend of the Dead 2018